#20 Kansas City Koolin’

It was finally time for a new state and boy was I ready! Oklahoma took me by quite the surprise and ended up being a real treat…! However by the time I had been there for over a week I definitely feeling ready for a change of scenery. I had also been exploring by myself basically since Arizona so I was looking forward to heading up to Kansas City and shooting with my new pal Storm and my old pal Larry. Last year I took a trip to St. Louis to explore for my 26th birthday and stayed with Larry who I actually had never met at the time. It was a short trip for only 4 days but we explored the city of St. Louis and the surrounding area everyday for probably 12 hours straight crushing location after location. He was planning on driving from St. Louis to Kansas City to meet up for a few days of exploring and mischief, so everything was falling into place.

The four days I spent in Kansas City were one hell of a time. We explored numerous spots, sampled various delicious BBQ joints and in general just had a great time exploring. I really enjoyed the “West Bottoms” area which are the old industrial brick buildings that are very similar to the area in St. Louis down by the Arch! I could blab all day about how awesome Kansas City was but ill just post some photos with captions and let them do the talking. Shout out to @StormFritzPhotography for hosting me and showing me a great time.


Larry & Storm outside a shuddered school


an empty classroom


school auditoriumĀ 


Man for Hire.


Provident Wheatley Hospital : One of the oldest hospitals in the city and the oldest hospital in Kansas City that served African Americans and was operated by African Americans.


the look down from an old hotel


Reflection of Storm


Old Yellow Church


The Mirror Room


a little rooftop action


Droning around an old jail


old brick buildings in the “West Bottoms” something about the way the exteriors look that totally captivates me… so very apocalyptic!


Flock of Turkeys

After 4 days of shooting and exploring Kansas City I decided I would head down to New Orleans for Easter Sunday, some times you just gotta stay on the move and keep the momentum building! With that being said I look forward to coming back to Kansas City and more than anything smashing some of the delicious BBQ!

  • J.J

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