#9 Mountain Slides and Rides

Bradley and I embarked on yet another adventure the other day when the sun was shining! My research earlier in the week led me to a potentially abandoned water park in the mountains north of San Diego. We both had the whole day to kill so we decided to set off in search of the slides! When we got to the park it seemed to be completely in tact and the long serpent like slides beckoned to us with invitation. Just next door there was an active work site however the workers didn’t seem to mind us frolicking around the property! If my memory serves me right… this was the first abandoned water park I have ever had the pleasure of exploring. I was surprised by the amount of cool shots I was able to come away with! Here are some pictures.


I think the best thing about this exploration was the fact that I managed to actually ride one of the slides! I love taking photos of abandoned places but theres nothing more enjoyable then being a kid again and having some fun! Heres a little GIF of me sliding down.



Stay tuned for the next post!

  • J.J

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