#8 Tide Pools & Penthouses

I’m getting sick of writing…. not the act of writing itself but more or less my boring chronological recaps of what I’ve been doing. Its beginning to feel monotonous when I write these blog posts… maybe its because I’m just trying to crank them out and keep up with my adventures but I feel like my writing is seriously lacking substance. With that being said here comes a short-winded recap of a nice day adventure Bradley and I embarked on earlier this week. Its been an interesting last two weeks for me as I’ve been dealing with figuring out the transmission issues in my Ford Ranger. I’ve been temporarily stranded in Encinitas staying with my cousin while I wait for my new tranny to be installed and it has been getting the best of me. Fortunately tomorrow I will be getting my truck back with a “re-manufactured” transmission. My hope is that I can rest easy for the remainder of the journey and not worry about more truck repairs as this one was a serious blow to my wallet!

Bradley and I embarked on a nice foggy adventure last week down to Blacks Beach in San Diego and Cabrillo national monument. I think most people go to the beach when its a blue bird day for obvious reasons but I find foggy days on the beach to have a relaxing ambience. Most importantly (for me) was the fog would provide an alternative look in my photos compared to what the majority of people have captured. After all i’m just trying to blaze my own trail and do things with my own personal touch and style! Here’s some shots from the first location we visited called “Blacks Beach”. The reason I wanted to visit this spot was because I heard about this abandoned/inactive penthouse on the beach that is very visually pleasing (to me). After seeing a few photos on Google that I felt didn’t truly do the location justice I was happy to be standing in front of the nook with a heavy layer of fog looming above and my camera in hand!


After Blacks, we made our way down to Cabrillo to check out the sea cave and various tidal pools that litter the beautiful park. The sea cave is a bit tricky to get to and you have to go at low tide unless you want to be swimming with the sharks. Luckily for Bradley and I it was low tide as well as super foggy so we had some good coverage to sneak past the “no hiking beyond this point” signs. After climbing some walls, walking around puddles and tromping through a sea weed field we finally made it to the cave! Here are some photos~


The last picture was a pack of seals that were hanging out right outside the sea cave! It  was an added bonus to be able to shoot some animals as it is something I’m extremely fond of! Stay tuned for the next blog post about exploring abandoned Water Park in the mountain of San Diego!



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