#5 Coastal Camping

When we last left off I had just completed one of my most exciting adventures yet! Exploring the abandoned mountain trains! I’m back again just trying to keep my head above water and keep this blog up to date with everything I’ve been doing. As much as i’d like to succumb to my laziness and let it go I know that having this blog as a reference and memory bank will be worth more than anything.


This brings me to this past weekend when I got to do a bit of coastal camping! My pal Bradley (from prior posts) had reserved a campsite at San Clemente state beach and invited me. Without hesitation I accepted as I was stoked to get out to the coast, soak up some sun and enjoy a nice campfire with some friends. I will keep this post relatively short and sweet as it isn’t the most exciting of adventures but nonetheless a great experience. Campsite camping… where do I begin…? Well for starters I’m not a fan at all. I hate paying to stay at a place next to somebody doing the exact same thing. On the other hand we had a good crew and the weather was comfortable, so regardless of my “hate” for “glamping” I was ready to have a great time. Generally when I go camping I like to get out to remote areas. The more remote your location, the less light pollution around you making Milky Way shooting conditions all time! Additionally nobody likes a landscape littered with bathrooms and camp enclosures…. being in the middle of nowhere you’re left with either your tent or in this case my truck for the foreground of my images which helps set the tone for an adventurous shot. Prior to being into photography I didn’t enjoy camping as much… It might sound silly but the amount of value camping has to me has amplified exponentially since I started shooting. Perhaps its because it allows me to come away from any adventure with great memories and even better imagery!

One of the best parts about this campsite was the fact that it was situated on the cliffs above the beach. After we all got our respective campsites set up, we descended upon the beach to try and soak up some late day sun. I snapped some pretty cool photos with the golden hour sun!


All in all it was a fun time and it made me hungry for my next camping adventure! I was feeling ready to hit the desert and go on a real adventure. Stay tuned for that in the next blog posts….!


  • J.J

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