#2 RC Madness & Photopheresis

Its been just over a week now since my adventure has begun but for some reason it still feels like I’m on Christmas break. I’m not sure when the reality that I have no job, no place to be and no obligations will actually set in but I’m enjoying myself nonetheless.

When I touched down in the Bay I was greeted with torrential rains and immediately knew that the first night of sleeping in the truck was going to be rough. I descended the escalator towards baggage claim, swiftly retrieved my bag amidst the frenzy of travelers and hailed a cab to head back to my new home. I got to Tammy (my truck) and decided I would spend the night in the South San Francisco BART garage which turned out to be quite hospitable (nobody kicked me out). I could only sleep till about 4am due to the fact that I slept for about 5 hours total on my flights from the East Coast so I was up and at it early. As I sat in my truck it slowly hit me that I could do whatever I wanted… so I decided I would drive up to the Marin Headlands to try and catch some nice sunrise shots of the Golden Gate.



After snapping away, I hopped in my rig and began the scenic drive to Sonoma county to stay with some friends. On the way I took a detour to an abandoned hospital that had always been sealed up in the past when I tried to visit. After arriving and pulling my almost 40lb camera bag out of the truck I made my way up to the building to see if I could find a way in. Perhaps it was a sign that 2017 was going to be a good year because I immediately found a point of entry and scaled up and into the building. I wasn’t surprised to see the building completely gutted but it didn’t stop me from enjoying the exploration and getting some great shots. After snapping away (see below) at the hospital, I made my way back out and to my truck with no interference. I was stoked and relieved that the first exploration of 2017 went successful which to me was a good sign! After that I hopped back in the truck and made my way to Sonoma.


The next four days consisted of digging, digging and more digging which is something I love. My friends who I stayed with in Sonoma have a nice chunk of land so I offered to build them an RC track. On a whim about four months ago prior to moving, I built a track at my house and fell in love with RC racing.  I think thats the beauty of BMX, Motocross, Mountain Biking, RC’s etc. you can build anything you want because all you need is dirt, a shovel and the will to work! Unfortunately I didn’t snap any pictures because it was crazy rainy during the time I was there, but I will get some and include them in my next blog update!

Now its Tuesday and I’m down in San Diego. I left Sonoma county on Sunday while it was torrentially dumping and began my journey to Southern California. I had never driven south on the I-5 before so it was a new experience for me. Most people say the drive down the 5 is boring but to be honest I loved it. Perhaps it was because this was my first jaunt on this stretch of tarmac but contrary to what everyone says it did not “bore” me. Two distinct features stood out to me during the course of the drive that I’m very keen on going back and getting photos of. The first was the Kern county oil fields which are filled with thousands of oil derricks and decaying structures. The second, was an area filled with mounds of dirt that were overgrown with grass… sounds boring, but to me it looked like something from a Dr.Seuss book so I’m very keen to return. After passing Bakersfield I decided I would stay in L.A for the night with some VT friends and head to San Diego in the morning.

After a great night with friends in L.A and some incredible Italian food in Venice, I woke up bright and early and drove to San Diego. It dawned on me that I was in a place that probably had some amazing RC tracks so I quickly did a search and found San Diego Raceway (S.D.R.C) which is a premiere indoor track! I hit up SDRC and got some inspiration for the track I’m building for my friends in Sonoma and had a blast driving my Traxxas truck. I stayed at SDRC till my buddy Bradley was done with work and then went his way to spend the next week at his house.


Bradley was one of my first buddies from California, I met him when I was living in Sonoma county and working in the restaurant industry. Last summer he was diagnosed with Leukemia whilst on a vacation back East and since then he has been through hell and back. I wanted to come down to San Diego to hang out with my buddy and make up for lost time as well as begin shooting a little story piece about him and everything he’s gone through. Tuesday we went to the hospital and I brought my gear and filmed Bradley undergoing “Photopheresis” treatment. It certainly puts things in perspective seeing the trials and tribulations that Bradley goes through on a daily basis. People tend to complain a lot about their situations in life but Bradley who has more reason to complain then most continues to maintain a great spirit and positive attitude! He has been in remission since early November and is slowly learning how to get back to normal life and enjoy himself.



Other then all that stuff i’m just staying busy, trying to do my best to be consistent with this blog and at least post once a week. I am headed to San Diego Supercross this weekend with Bradley which I’m beyond stoked for and then after that I will be making my way back up to Northern Cali to finish the RC track I started.

Until next time…






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